The Order of the White Rose is a DragonRealms player order sanctioned in the province of Zoluren.

Our mission is one of peace, but we are far from a pacifist order. We understand that peace at times must be protected with force, but it is not our only recourse.

As defenders, battlefield supporters and triage workers, we protect the undefended and ensure that the peace of Zoluren and its neighbors are secure.

As ambassadors and diplomats, we promote the peaceful sharing of ideas and cooperation between races, guilds and provinces.

As scholars and informants, we spread our collective knowledge of lore, culture, and current events, alleviating conflicts that arise from ignorance.

As mentors and teachers, we ensure that the younger generations have the expertise to survive and make wise decisions in a tumultuous world.

You may also seek out any one of us in Elanthia and ask us about our Order. Whether you are interested in joining the Order of the White Rose or collaborating with us, we would be happy to hear from you.

Best wishes and safe paths,

Mystyrain Silverlining, Speaker
Isharon Anloraes, Vice-Speaker

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